ATP Finance boiler leads

ATP/Finance Boiler

ATP/Finance boiler leads

Dunsmore has produced good quality Boiler leads since the start of ECO in January 2014. Based on client demand, we developed our portfolio to include ATP/Finance Boiler leads in 1Q2016.

Paid for Boiler Leads are produced from Able-to-Pay (ATP) Homeowners who have the cash available to purchase a new boiler or system. Some of the Homeowners may also wish to finance all or some parts of the work.

Dunsmore initially offered ATP boiler leads separately to Finance boiler leads. However, we soon discovered that during an installer sales cycle, consumers can move their interest between purchasing their boiler with cash or finance. We therefore now provide a blended mix of ATP and Finance boiler leads.

Paid for Boiler Leads are generated by telemarketing and via inbound contact with Customers who have initiated their own search and are waiting to be contacted. Leads are then called and Qualified by our independent quality assurance team who ensure they have an appropriate budget and timescale.

All our Qualified Leads are exclusive to you and generated from Homeowners who are interested to buy a new boiler or system within the next two months. Leads are delivered to you in your specified postcodes, regionally or nationally via our on-line CRM system.

We comprehensively supply lead information that includes full name, address and contact details, property details including type and number of bedrooms, boiler details, financial details and additional comments.

We offer a 7-day replacement period in the unlikely event that a Lead does not qualify, cannot be contacted or you are unable to make a quotation or book an appointment – simple and comprehensive.

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