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Dunsmore offers comprehensive charity donor data on 28 named charities, other charities by type, and over 39M donor subscriptions from 11.6M donors.

“We offer data on 2.07M Cancer Research, 1.46M National Trust, 359.2k NSPCC, 266.4k RSPCA and 171.7k WWF donors.”

This data represents an opportunity to find and target, charity donors and look specifically at the charity types and number of charities that they support.

Donor and postcode selections can be combined with our Personal data file of over 43.2M UK consumers that contains details of homeownership and around 120 personal identifiers such as age and income.

All Dunsmore data is compliant with the latest ICO guidelines and DMA Code. Note - counts built Q3 2016.


Each Charity Data file is categorised and counted by the donor universe available.

Within the general charity type headings, the total universe is given together with a breakdown by named charity and other unclassified donors where applicable.

In addition, Dunsmore offers lists of donors based on the number of charities that they donate to. This ranges from one charity (5.02M) to over ten charities (393.5k).

Animal charities

Almost 5.4m of individuals supporting variable animal charities, including records on 10 specific charities.

Thirld World and Disaster Relief charities

Total universe of 1.7m of individuals supporting Oxfam, UNICEF and other aid charities.

Old age / Elderly charities

0.5m individuals who support charities for elderly people.

Children's charities

Over 3.6m of individuals who support variable children's charities, including Barnados, NSPCC and so on.

Justice and Human Rights Charities

237 thousand people who support Amnesty International or Human Rights.

Nature, Heritage and Environmental Charities

Total universe of £5.2m of individuals, supporting variable nature and environmental charities, includng National Trust.

Medical Conditions and Research Charities

Over 5m records of individuals supporting variable medical charities, split into specific illness groops. Include records on British Red Cross and Great Ormond Street.

Heart Disease Charities

Over 100,000 individuals who support heart disease charities.

Cancer Charities

Total universe of over 5m supporters of charities devoted to cancer patients.

Mental Health Charities

More than 137,000 people supporting mental health charities.

Homeless Charities

Over 300 thousand individuals who support charities for the homeless.

General Charities

More than 9m records of those who support "other" or unclassified charities.

Number of Charities Supported

A database of over 5m charity supporters who support from single to over 10 charities.

Multi-channel Approach

Dunsmore has a comprehensive multi-channel approach to our Charity Donors data. We offer the following channels of delivery:

Landline and mobile – Contact target donors directly by telephone on an on-going basis. Data suitable for high quality inbound and outbound marketing campaigns.

Email and SMS – Send bespoke emails and SMS to target donors knowing their donation profile and activity. Communications can be sent in a timely manner that are carried by donors enabling them to be read time and time again. You may wish to offer a voucher or code that can be redeemed by the charity, over the phone or on your website.

Postal – The tried and tested way. The opportunity to post offers, company literature and glossy brochures to donors in a stand out way.

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