Consumer Financial Data


Consumer Financial data

Dunsmore offers comprehensive Consumer Financial data on over 38M UK consumers and investors that enable campaigns based on wealth and investments.

“We offer data on 38M consumers by annual income grouping, 10.5M occupation types, 7.2M credit card holders by provider including 2.6M store card holders, 40.5k second property owners and interested (UK and abroad), 3.3M having investments, 1.7M Professionals and 1.1M with business and finance hobbies and interests.”

This data represents an opportunity to find and target, individuals for a range of financial products and services. Annual income can be a good indicator of spending power and positively correlates with retail expenditure in many categories. Median and average income profiling by trading area is also offered.

Consumer Financial data can be combined with our Personal data file of over 43.2M UK consumers that contains details of first home ownership and around 120 personal identifiers such as age and income.

All data is compliant with the latest ICO guidelines and DMA Code. Note - counts built Q3 2016.

Key Features of Financial data

Consumer income is grouped into £5,000 segments up to £35,000 and also greater than £35,000 and £60,000. Occupations are segmented as Known (7.8M), Trusted (1M) and Professionals (1.7M).

Credit card holders are offered by provider including Bank of Scotland (3.3k), Lloyds (13.5k) and Santander (11.6k).

In addition to 3.3M investors, second property investors are offered in the UK (8.6k) and abroad (5.6k). Also, an additional 27.4k interested to invest in property.

Annual income

Data on personal income, starting from under £5k and finishing with over £60k per annum.


7.8m of records with individuals' known occupations, 1m with trusted occupations, and 1.7m of professionals.

Credit card

Variable data on users of credit cards, store cards and cheque guarantee cards.

Property investment

Data on owners of second property in the UK or abroad, or those who have considered a second property in the UK or abroad.


Details of 3.3m people who have investments.

Hobbies and Interests

Variable records of individuals interested in business and finance, careers, investments and investors.

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Multi-channel Approach

Dunsmore has a comprehensive multi-channel approach to our Financial Consumer data. We offer the following channels of delivery:

Landline and mobile – Contact consumers directly on an on-going basis. Data suitable for high quality inbound and outbound marketing campaign.

Email and SMS – Send bespoke emails and SMS to target individuals knowing their wealth and investment profile. Communications can be sent in a timely manner that are carried by consumers enabling them to be read time and time again. You may wish to offer a voucher or code that can be redeemed over the phone or on your website.

Postal – The tried and tested way. The opportunity to post offers, company literature and glossy brochures to consumers and investors in a stand out way.

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